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Chows as seen through my eyes


Chows do have a mind of their own, what can get them into many troubles, so the training should start from the early age. Unless in a fenced yard, chows should be kept on leash, buy an automatic lead, so you can give it some freedom, but at the same time, you teach your dog to stay near you under any circumstances. I'm still having some problems with Rex, because he is overwhelmed with joy when he sees a cat or a sea gull, or even a rat crossing our paths. He is running in the spot while I try to hold him down, it's great for my muscles and also for trimming his nails. In other situations, a short pull on the leash and sharp źno╗ are enough. Chows respond very well to the word źno╗, sometimes it's more punishing than anything else. Ignorance also helps a lot. Chows, especially males, sometimes tends to be dominant, and Rex is often challenging me. I'm doing my best to be an alpha: always passing through the door first, if possible; asking him to sit or to lay down before I serve him his meal, not paying attention to his begging while I eat, moving him out of my way. Shame my family doesn't share my views, they think Rex is cute and mostly nice behaving, they don't realize his true intentions while he jumps on them or on their beds, and stares at them while they eat.


There are many myths spread about chows, and some of them are entwined with truth. They happen to be on almost all black lists when it comes to biting people, and are easily etiquetted as an extremely aggressive breed. The truth is they are very protective and not very trusty to strangers or acquaintances, for that matter. I've noticed that Rex becomes especially aware at nights, when he growls at almost anyone getting close to us. He easily becomes annoyed when in noisy places with lots of people who try to show their affections for him, and sometimes when someone dares to pet him while he has his sights set for something else, like other dog or cat. People should always ask permission to touch and pet your chow, you'll know the best if the dog's in the mood for that or not. Of course, the dog must always be on the leash.

And he is a great guardian dog. He'll keep any stranger on the outer side of the fence, and people are usually shocked how a dog this cute can bark and growl in such an unpleasant and scary way. Once we let the stranger in, Rex follows him or her all the time, curious like a cat. He seems to like women better, sometimes he jumps and humps on men, just to show them who's the boss in the house. He is not very fond of children, except of those who show no fear and behave properly, without screaming, running around and rough playing. He also seems very ignorant to senior citizens, whether male or female.

He likes to play with other dogs, but as he's getting older, his main goal is to show everyone else that he's in charge, so he tries to mount older, bigger dogs. Some of them don't mind, others go berserk. Thus far, Rex has been attacked twice by an old dog who's always on loose and marking his territory all over our settlement. While Rex was younger, they were good friends, but as soon as Rex started to mark his territory, the hatchet was no longer buried.

On the photos above Rex was four and a half months old.