My world stands alone, so blue
Navy Blue And Gold
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Navy photo page

Port visits in Dubrovnik

My main hobby is writing novels, mostly fan fiction, but sometimes a song is born, too. This one is dedicated to someone I knew, who came into my life to leave some tearstains on my face, as well as the scar on my heart.


I never dreamed about love at first sight

Knowing it's almost impossible

It takes time to get to know someone

And begin to trust and believe

I died a thousand times that day

When your eyes met mine

I wished I could melt down

Like ice-cream in the summertime

It never happened to me before

I always dreaded loneliness

Yet somehow I'm longing

To be lonesome for you

To walk the beaches of Virginia

Sand beneath my bare feet

Whipped by wind and salt

Atlantic is whispering and roaring

Colored just like your eyes

Same soft shade of grey

And a touch of green

Desire is tearing me apart

As the seagulls cry

The time rolls on by

Yearning for those familiar

Warship contours on the horizon

The sound of anchor chain

Your eyes full of mist and tears

Touching the solid ground

Learning to love again

Unleash all the lust

I'm yours and you're mine

Until the end of time

Until the ship's siren begins to wail

Getting the feel of rough seas

Flight deck in the morning sun

Navy blue, white and haze grey

Golden wings and sense of freedom

Promises and kisses, embraces and tears

Your child growing under my heart

Now it's two of us you're saying goodbye to

Two of us to roam the shore and piers soon

May God bless you and His hand guide you

Through storms, battles and fears

And bring you back home safe and sound

To bleeding heart that misses you so much

Sentenced to life of endless waiting

But I'll take all the pain - for you




Lifting off the flight deck


Super Stallions