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Rex, in pictures and words

Three months old and sooooo cute...

I guess I'll never forget that day, 27th May 2003., the day when Rex came into my life and turned it upside down. Smart, proud and stubborn puppy, looking like a charming teddy bear. Some neighbours even thought he was teddy bear, until he moved.

I had been an indoor type for most of my life, just because I lived far away from my friends, and though I liked and enjoyed long walks on the hillside above my house, there was no one to accompany me. Rex came to me like a true blessing. He's a great dog, and really suits me. He is fond of slow, peaceful walks, he can run and does so, but never too fast or for too long, he is big and heavily boned, and gets tired easily.

On his grooming table

Even though he was just two and a half months old when he arrived from Virje to Dubrovnik, he was already housebroken, following the rule that chows are very clean dogs and among the easiest breeds to housebreak. It is best to obtain a puppy in the late spring because long and nice days make sure you'll have the will to take your puppy out every two hours and have it fully potty trained by the time those long and boring autumn rains start to fall. Until then,your puppy will reach certain age and will be able to have more control over its bladder.

This summer was long and hot, more than usual, so all the walks had to be short, because Rex had thick, wooly puppy coat he couldn't shed until he was five months old, and then the adult coat started to grow and is still growing. The coat will be fully developed by the time Rex is two years old.

Chows once were used as the hunting dogs, and like many other dog breeds, still have that instinct inside. Sometimes they will not go along other pets, like cats, rodents and birds, or even other dogs. Good socialization helps, of course. We had a young tom cat when Rex arrived, and after the initial fright passed away, they became close friends. Rex loves other cats, too, but they don't seem to like the idea of playing with him. Unfortunately, that gorgeous cat was killed by car, and is only remembered in photos like this one below, and lives in our minds and somewhere over the rainbow.


Heaven is crying teardrops over you
ending the long, hot, almost perfect summer
now you're walking that shiny rainbow bridge
someday we'll meet again
rejoined in laughter and joy...

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